Agra is one of the popular and prominent destinations of India. Agra entertains millions of visitors and tourists from around the world every year. Agra is captivated by several historical and architectural monuments. Agra also has religious and natural importance. Agra is always known as a Mughal city because it was established by the Mughals. You can also see the Mughal Architectural Monuments like Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and Sikandra. Agra is also meant to be a center of art, Culture and education. Agra is also famous for Mughal Cuisines.

Located in the heart of India, Agra is invariably included on every travellers itinerary. And why not? It is not only home to three generations of the extremely dynamic Mughal dynasty but also to some of India’s most magnificent architecture. Among the several legacies left behind by the Mughals, the Taj Mahal undoubtedly is India’s most enduring icon. The beauty of this story in marble, whether by day or a moonlit night will simply bowl you over! Adding to its charm are several other finely crafted structures and monuments that date back to centuries. While on your trip, include a visit to the red sandstone Agra Fort, the well-laid out gardens and the two most renowned tombs of Itmad-ud-Daula and Sikandra. There’s much to see here, so ideally we recommend you set aside two full days to soak in this fascinating history.