Amarnath is The Cave which was chosen by Bhole Shankar for narrating the secrets of immortality and creation of Universe to Maa Parvati ji . The story goes like this. Centuries ago Maa Parvati asked Shiv ji to let her know why and when He started wearing the beads of heads ( Mund Mala) . Bhole Shankar replied whenever you are born I add one more head in my beads. Maa Parvati said ,” My Lord, my body is destroyed every time and I die again and again, but you are Immortal. Please let me know the secret of this.” Bhole Shankar replied that it is due to Amar Katha .” The Amarnath Yatra is organised every year by the J &K Govt. during the month of shavan ( July and August);
Every year, in the month of July and August, an image of Lord Shiva, in the form of a lingam, is formed naturally as an ice stalagmite which waxes and wanes with the Moon’s cycle. First a solid base is formed and then the lingam begins to rise on it. On Purnima it slowly acquires full form. According to the legends it is on that day, that Lord Shiva revealed the secrets of life to Parvati, the beautiful daughter of the Himalayas. By the side of the lingam, are two more ice stalagmites, representing Parvati and their son, Ganesha
Whatever the legends and the history of Amarnathji’s discovery, it is today a very important centre of pilgrimage and though the route is as difficult to negotiate as it is exciting, every year, thousands of devotees come to pay homage before Shiva in one of his famous Himalayan abodes.