Enjoy the exciting hill station tour of Anantagiri to explore in the tourist attractions. The Tour to Anantagiri Hills will mesmerizing your holiday tour experience for ever and a very popular summer resort tourist destination. These breath taking hills are located in Andhra Pradesh. They are known for their scenic beauty and marvelous carving which has been done by nature. The virgin beauty of the place leaves every nature lover and tourist spell bound. While on your journey from Visakhapatnam to Anantagiri you will be offered some of the most splendid scenes which consist of thick vegetation, refreshing sunrise and soothing sunset, etc. The resort located at Anantagiri is a perfect way of stunning the sun during the summers. You will be left amused with a number of rich nature’s work which is purely treating for the eyes. You will find a lot of vintage spots in Anantagiri. The flora of the place will not just fill your eyes with color and splendor but also the talented plants which are medical in nature will excite you with their effective characteristics. These plants are used to heal patients suffering from various diseases. Anantagiri is the place of origin for the river Musical or Muchkunda. Anantagiri is full of coffee plantations and the strong smell of coffee will compel you to try some of the choicest coffee beans. The massive waterfalls, the rich ravines and the stunning gorges which decorate Anantagiri with their charm will make you fall in love with the place. Anantagiri is also wrapped with mango groves and orchards. Anantagiri is also amongst the favorites of many pilgrims who come here to meditate and relax. The weather at Anantagiri remains the same all throughout the year. It is moderate and calm. You can visit Anantagiri hill station in any season and thus you have the flexibility of planning your holiday according to your schedule. The cool and calm weather will always be ready to take you in its shelter. The place is a perfect destination for the newly wedded couples who plan their honeymoon here.
Anantagiri lies at the head of the Elysian Tirumala Hills and is located at a distance of just 17 kilometers from the Ark valley which is also a hill resort. The resort is a luxurious accommodation which will offer you great comfort and style. Anantagiri also houses the famous Bhavansi Lake which is known as the Badrinath of the South. It is an ideal place to recover from your health loss and replenish your energy. All the resorts located in Anantagiri are Eco-friendly making it is a good recovery hill station for people who are not keeping with good health. The Anantagiri resort is far away from the suffocating pollution of automobiles and makes you forget everything else and just relax and rejuvenate.