Bangalore is the most sought out cosmopolitan city in India. Bangalore is the capital of southern state of Karnataka. Kannada is the language spoken by the locals. Bangalore is best known for making people all over the world at home.
Bangalore being an IT hub is also popular for its tourism. Every year thousands of tourists from all over India and the globe visit Bangalore for its tourist attractions like historical monuments, gardens, places of worship, etc. The city has managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage and tradition. With its beautiful tourist attractions and bustling shopping bazaars, the city of Bangalore definitely sparks up with life and vigor.
A tourist traveling to Bangalore will be fascinated with the modern architectural marvels, lush boulevards, historical monuments and bustling shopping plazas. Also known by epithets like “Fashion Capital of India”, “The Pub City of India”, and “the Garden City of India”. Bangalore is home to well over 6 million people, and a base for 10,000 industries. Bangalore is India’s fifth largest city and the fastest growing city in Asia.
Local folklore has it that a 10th century ruler, Veera Ballala lost his way in the forest while on a hunt. He arrived at the cottage of an old woman who offered him her simple meal of boiled beans. Since then it was called “Benda Kalu Uru”. The anglicized version naturally is Bangalore. Bangalore gained prominence in the 18th century, when it became an important fort city, under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan of Mysore. In 1831, the British made it the regional administrative city and established a big cantonment here. Post Independence, Bangalore has gained prominence as a commercial center and today it also has the distinction of being the IT hub of India and is fondly called ” the Silicon Valley of India”