Bodh Gaya is situated at a distance of about 105kms from Patna and 15kms south of Ganga.The life of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is associated with the town of Bodh Gaya.It is one of the holiest cities of Buddhist faith. Tread reverently along the ancient path, at the Mahabodhi tree where something strange happened, realization of truth or spiritual illumination. The tree still appears to radiate an aura of abiding serenity, spiritual solitude and peace. This is one of the four greatest places of Buddhist pilgrimage to which the devout Buddhists from all over the world congregate.Bodh Gaya is a place which should be visited or seen by a person of devotion and which would cause awareness of the nature of impermanence. Apart from a pilgrim centre Bodh Gaya is also an important center for the study of Buddhism.
From ancient period the history behind this place s associated with Buddhism. During the 7th century BC when small kingdoms where sprouting up in India Bodh Gaya and the surrounding areas came under this category. However Bodh Gaya got itself a record in the history only during the 6th century BC. It came into limelight in 6th century BC, when the local prince Gautam Buddha who was initially known as Siddharth gave up all material possession and, after practicing rigorous act of self-mortification for years, attained Enlightenment or Nirvana under a Bodhi (Bo) tree and started spreading the message of love and peace. Later the place where Gautama Buddha was enlightened got highlighted by the great Mauryan ruler King Ashoka who built a shrine here and soon was known all over the world as the Mahabodhi temple.