INTRODUCTION :  Chennai the fifth most populous city in India and the capital of Tamil Nadu was initially known as Madras. Chennai is also known as the automobile capital of India and it has the maximum number of automobile industry in India. It is city with a blend of old and new in the right proportion. Chennai is housed with a number of historic landmarks and beaches.

ORIENTATION : Chennai is situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.
HISTORY:  Chennai got its name from Chennaipattinam.Early in the 16th century this city was ruled by Portuguese and Dutch traders followed by the British. Later on arrival of the British East India Company, they built a settlement called Fort St George in 1653.The 17th and 18th century witnessed a series of battle between the British and French, in which the later was defeated and moved to Pondicherry and then Madras came under the control of British. The British had Madras as it capital for the southern region of British colonial rule. It was only after independence, Madras became the capital of Tamil Nadu.Madras was recently renamed as Chennai.