INTRODUCTION : Chikhaldara the & only hill station of the Maharashtra state having wild life sanctuary, is situated in the palms of the great satpura Mountains Pollution free atmosphere, deep and steep valleys and mind blowing points are the main futures of the hill station. Renounced and dense forest, Melghat, comprises of beautiful, Tiger Deer, Samber and wild boars.Chikhaldara is located in Amaravati district of Vidarbha region.It has the distinction of being the only coffee-growing area and the Hill Resort in the Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra.
HISTORY : It is named after “Keechaka”. This is the place where Bheema killed villainous Keechaka and threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as “Keechakadara” – “Chikhaldara” is its corruption.
ORIENTATION : Chikaldhara is situated in the Amaravati District of Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra, at an altitude of 1,118 m.