Chittorgarh, the administrative head quarters of Chittorgarh District in Rajasthan, is an old city as an embodiment of Rajput tradition mixed with romance and courage. Mythological background of the city tells that it was built by the Pandava warrior Bhima. Chittorgarh is renowned world wide for its audacious history.
The legendary gallantry story of the beautiful princess Padmini was associated with the history of Chittorgarh. Popular folk stories claims that the Sultan Alavuddin Kilji was attracted towards Chittorgarh only due to the fame of Rani Padmini, the beauty beyond any doubt and made the sultan to finally conquer over Rajputs in Chittorgarh. It is believed that hearing the news of falling of the Kingdom, Padmini led all the women to a huge pyre, performing Sathi. Chittorgarh has in its history this brilliant story beauty, love, grace and bravery.
The temple is dedicated to the Sun or in Sanskrit, “Surya”. The entrance of the Sanctum Sanctorum is facing west, so the rays of the setting sun would touch the Surya idol which where inside, when the temple was in use.
The Eventful great past of Chittorgarh is well clear in the ruined castles, impressive forts and magnificent royal buildings. The tourists attracted towards this graceful city due to its formidable past as well, apart from the present niceties.
The entrance of the Chittorgarh is highly attractive with seven huge entries, namely Bhairon Pol, Lakshman Pol, Padan Pol, Hanuman Pol, Jorla Pol, Ganesh Pol and the main royal gate known as Ram Pol. Major attractions in Chittorgarh include the amazing Chittorgarh fort, Kithi Stamb, Victory tower or Vijay Stambh, Rani Padmini’s Palace, Rana Kumbha’s Palace and many beautiful imposing temples of great past. Chittorgarh bears many nice wild life sanctuaries in its breast attracting wild life lovers and nature lovers