INTRODUCTION : Delhi is the third largest city of India and it is the seat of one of the world’s largest democracies is a combination of Old Delhi-the capital of muslim India and New Delhi-the imperial city, which was created by the British as Modern India’s capital. Delhi is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. It is an architectural college of parks and flyovers, historical buildings and skyscrapers. Here people live in different cultures, languages, states, traditions and countries in complete harmony.
ORIENTATION The city is situated on the western banks of river Yamuna at one side and the other side is protected by the ridge and the Aravalli hills.

HISTORY : Delhi’s history goes much further back in time that the 13th century. In 1955,excavations at the Purana Quila revealed that the site was inhabitated 3000 years ago.Prithivraj was ruling Delhi when Muhammad of Ghur iinvaded India, and died fighting the Invader at the Second battle of train in 1192.Qutubddin had however commenced chose to become the Sultan. In 1199 Qutdbbin raised the Qutab Minar either as a victory tower or as a minaret to the adjacent mosque.The Sultans successor and son in law, Iltutmish, completed it. In the six decades since the creation of New Delhi as the capital of British India, the city has undergone a sea change.