INTRODUCTION : Dhanaulti in the Garhwal Hiils of Uttaranchal is a place of perfect peace & tranquility is situated at a distance of about 25 km. from Mussoorie on the way to Mussoorie to Chamba.Dhanaulti is accommodated with thick forest nestled with deodar, rhododendron and oak trees. The serenity and solitude in which Dhanaulti Hills abound serve as one of the major attractions of the travel and tourism industry of the state.Dhanaulti is known for its cool breeze, warm sunlight and moderate temperatures which gives the hill resort a pleasant weather. It is splendid to watch the mountain capped with the sun and covered with hazy mist. So if you think you want to have a change from the mundane life then plan a trip to this fabulous place, Dhanaulti.
ORIENTATION : Dhanaulti is situated in Uttaranchal at an altitude of about 2286 m.