Gangotri is the source of river Ganga and is situated in the Uttarakashi district of Uttarakhand and is nearly 250 kms away from Rishikesh.Gangotri is quite famous for it is the place where the sacred water of Ganga, the holiest river of India touches earth for the first time. It is from Gangotri, the river Ganga starts its journey of about 2500 kms flowing through the India and Bangladesh. The water of the river Ganga is also believed to be rich in fertile minerals with its sacred water. It finally forms world’s largest and most fertile delta, Sunderban delta in Bangladesh. The holy place Rishikesh is at a distance of about 250 kms from Gangotri.
ORIENTATION : Gangotri is situated in the Garhwal hills at an altitude of 3048 meters above sea level in a close proximity to the Indo-Tibetan border. It occupies the northernmost part of Uttar Pradesh.
HISTORY :  HISTRY Ganga is also otherwise referred as Bhagirathi and there is a legend behind this name. History says that only after Lord Shiva rewarded King Bhagirath, Ganga came down to earth. But Lord Shiva didn’t let her go for he had her in his locks for the only major factor of her pride and her force which would lead to major destruction of the earth. It was then proclaimed that Goddess Uma or Parvati, Shiva’s consort, would bathe in the Ganges daily and only then would she descend on the earth. On your visit to this place one can get to see the stone near the temple denotes the place where Ganga first came down to earth.