Goa a tiny emerald on the West Coast of India, is the smallest state of the Indian Union. It became the 25th state in the Indian Union on May 30th 1987 while Daman and Diu remained as Union Territory. Goa is situated between Karnataka and Maharashtra which was initially referred as Gomantaka and Gomanchala.Goa with its long beach along the Arabian Sea is an excellent tourist resort.Goa is also known for its hilly terrain which is concentrated more on its eastern side and it is here where the southern part of the Sahyadri range ends. The most pleasing location of Goa is situated in the lower basin of the Mandovi and Zuari rivers which join to form a bay.
HISTORY : In the third century BC Goa was under the reign of the Mauryan Empire. This dynasty was shortly followed by other dynasties like the Satvahanas of Kolhapur, the Chalukyas of Badami and for a very short period a Muslim invader. However only the Vijayanagar Empire ruled the place for a long period close to a century which only came to an end after the arrival of the Sultans of Gulbarga.At one point of time there was a great struggle between then Dutch, English, French and Portuguese to capture Goa.Finally the struggle came to an end when Alfonso de Albuquerque of Portugese invaded Goa and got under his rule from 1510.For the next four centuries Goa was under the reign of the Portuguese and they left only in 1961 after India’s independence. Later Goa got the status of statehood in 1987.
LOCATION : Goa located in the coastal belt of Konkan is bordered by Karnataka in the South, Maharashtra in the North, the Arabian sea in the West and Western ghats in the East.