Guruvayoor situated at a distance of about 29kms away from Thrissur district in Kerala is also known as Bhoolokavaikunta or Heaven on Earth. Once we say Guruvayoor the main thing which immediately strikes in a person is the Sree Krishna temple which is considered to be one of the most important pilgrimage centres in South India. This temple is noted for its unique style of architecture and each day the temple witnesses thousands of devotees both from within the country and outside the country. Apart from the tourist and the pilgrim crowd coming here this temple is also very famous as a venue for Hindu marriages and ‘Annaprasanam’, the first feeding ceremony of child. The other nearby attractions includes the elephant sanctuary at Punnathur Kotta, the Mammiyur temple, ISKCON centre and Chowallur beach.
HISTORY :  The history behind the name Guruvayoor is that it is derived out of three words namely Guru (Brihaspathi), Vayu (Wind God) and Oor (Land).Guruvayoor is also popularly referred as the Dwarka of the South. The legend associated with the history of this temple is that it was destroyed when the city of Dwaraka got submerged in water. So the preceptor of the Gods, and his disciple Vayu, God of Winds went in search of another holy spot to install the idol of Krishna. Finally after a period of time they came to Kerala and met its legendary creator Parasurama.They were then taken by Parasurama to a beautiful lake which was full of lotus and the idol was finally placed here which is now the Guruvayurappan temple. The lake of lotus still remains here as the temple tank, Rudratirtha