Guwahati is one of the major city in Assam from commercial and industrial aspect .Guwahati is the commercial centre of North East with all major companies having regional offices in the city.Guwahati is also known as the gateway to the north-east of India and the city of Eastern Light. It has great variety and color in its natural scenery and in the culture of the people that inhabit it.
ORIENTATION : Guwahati is located on banks of the Brahmaputra, which splits the town into two parts of North and South.
HISTORY : History says that the reference of this place is made in the epic ‘Mahabharata’. Archaeological surveys and the presence of several ancient temples in the region support the conjecture of it being an important city in antiquity.Guwahati was the capital of the demon king Naragashura.The word Guwahati came from two words namely Guwa meaning areca nut and Hat meaning market. This city was first referred by the name Pragjyotishpura followed by Kamarupa and then finally Guwahati.Though the name of the city kept changing during each dynasty the capital remained the same.