Gwalior, one of the most famous cities of India, is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is popularly known as “the land of music, art and history”.Gwalior is a very old ancient city which is blended with the rich culture of the Rajput, the Kachchwas and the Tomar dynasties. The very famous Gwalior fort and many more places are very much of tourist attraction in this city.Gwalior is housed with Asia’s largest physical education institute which is the best of its kind.
ORIENTATION : Gwalior is situated in the central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh at a distance of about 321 km from Delhi. The city extends between latitude 26’14’ in the north to longitude 78’10’ in the east
HISTORY : Gwalior, named after legendary saint Gwalipa of the eighth century and its ancient fort are almost synonym. It was when a chieftain known as Suraj Sen was struck by a deadly disease and cured by a hermit-saint Gwalipa and as a gratitude for that incidence; he founded this city by his name. Passing from legendary Suraj Sen,to Tomars in the in 14th century, it has been the seat of ruling of the Scindias.It was here that Rani of Jhansi was killed fighting the British forces