This small beautiful city in Eastern India is the capital of Manipur city. It is the city of commerce and revenue yielding city for the state of Manipur. The major population of this place is occupied by a group of tribes known as Meitei tribe. This city which concentrates more on agriculture is rich in its flaura and fauna.Imphal is known for its dance shows for it is the cultural capital of the state. The main tourist attraction in this state involves temples, gardens and historical palaces.
ORIENTATION : Imphal is situated in two separate valleys of the state namely Central Valley and Jiribam Valley.
HISTORY : Imphal was founded in the first century AD. The history of Manipur starts with the invasions of Burma in 900 AD which was settled after a treaty signed by Raja Jai Singh in 1826.After this Manipur became a part of India. But however again there was confusion in the succession of the throne which was settled with the intervention of the British. Only on 21st January 1972 Manipur became a Union Territory. The Nagas occupy the hilly areas of the state whereas the Meiteis occupy the valleys.