Jaisalmer, popularly referred as the “golden city of India”, is one of the most alluring tourist destinations in Rajasthan, India.Jaisalmer,the golden city of fiery tenderness of creativity,is one of the most remote and unique towns of India. Founded by Prince Jaisal Bhatti eight hundred years ago, Jaisalmer the biggest town of the biggest Parliamentary constituency in the world, with an average of six persons per square kilometer is like a dreamland where the setting sun, like a big ball of bright copper seems so near that you feel almost touching it, and where everything slumbers into eerie serenity. Located in the heart of the Thar Desert, few cities in the world can match its magnificence.
It was in 1156 AD,Jaisalmer was founded by the Bhatti Rajput chieftain. The legend behind Jaisalmer’s history states that in order make the capital more secure a saint advised the usurper to build a castle on the Trikuta hill. It is believed that Lord Krishna as a revelation of divine wanted a descendant or heir of his Yadav clan would build a kingdom here. The Trikuta hill also had supply of water which is mainly due to a miracle performed by Krishna to quench the thirst of Arjuna.The Lunar clan of Bhattis is Krishna’s descendant, valiant and most feared of the dessert marauders, perennially locked in territorial skirmishes with Jodhpur and Bikaner. One Bhatti scion-Gaj Singh had founded the city of Ghazni in Afghanistan but ultimately lost it to forces from Khorasan. One of his grandsons reclaimed Ghazni, embraced Islam, and came to be called Chagattas (Mughals). They later plundered the land of their ancestors between 1000 and 1025 A.D. Again, led by Babar they came to found the Mughal Empire in India.

HISTORY : History says that there is a note of Arunachal Pradesh in epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana and Kalika Purana. Itanagar is named after the Ita fort which was built by King Ramachandra around 14th-15th centuries. Itanagar was the capital state even during the 11th century in the name Mayapur at the time of Jiti Dynasty. Itanagar is situated in one of the largest state in the North Eastern region of India. Itanagar is predominantly occupied by the tribes Nishings.
Jaisalmer is a border district of India located in the state of Rajasthan and touching Pakistan on its western side. On its south, there is the beautiful city of Bikaner. The eastern part of the place is bordered by Jodhpur, another city of color and tradition.