Kanpur is more popularly referred as Manchester of the country is the biggest city of Uttar Pradesh. This city concentrates on the commercial, industrial and educational fields of Uttar Pradesh. This metropolitan city has enormous number of leather industry in the whole of Asia.Kanpur is more into export of leather and leather products. It has a number of historical important tourist attractions which draws huge crowd to Kanpur.

ORIENTATION : Kanpur is surrounded by Hamirpur in the south and Unnao in the north-east and it is also flanked by Ganges in the north-east and Yamuna in the south.

HISTORY : History says that Kanpur was originally referred by the name Kanhiyapur after Lord Krishna.Kanpur was founded by the Hindu King Chandel. The town of Kanpur remained insignificant till the 19th century. It became significant only after the defeat of the nawaab of Awadh by the British. The British started establishing themselves in Kanpur and soon a treaty was signed between the Awadhs and the British. This led to Kanpur becoming the most important military station of British India and it was declared a district on 24th March 1803.