Karwar an excellent beach resort in the Kanara District of Karnataka is at a distance of about518 kms from Bangalore.Karwar was initially a famous town for pepper trade and it was also the settlement of the British and the Portuguese. The Karwar beach is adorned with palm trees and it is known for its pleasant weather and the natural picturesque with hills and valleys of the Western Ghats.This place is famous for its fine muslin.

ORIENTATION : Karwar, the small port town is flanked by the Arabian Sea on one side and the other side with dark thick forest of the Western Ghats.

HISTORY : During the reign of the British in 1862 Karwar was the headquarters and it was the prime centre for sea trade. The Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, French and British had trade in India via Karwar.This port was considered to be very safe and the Arabs who had trade in India called it as “ Baithkhol “ meaning bay of safety. Many Indian commodities were exported to foreign countries were brought from the Deccan by routes as this port was considered safe during all seasons.Karwar is flanked by five other islands safeguarding the fort and they are Anjidiv, Kudumgad, Dev gad, Mogral and Shamshigudda.