Kolkata the capital of West Bengal is the nerve centre of intellectual and human values having given birth to numerous modern movements in literature, art, cinema, theatre, science, politics and industry.Kolkata is regarded as the cultural capital of India for her immense contribution in these fields.Kolkata is also the hub centre of West Bengal. The Kolkata port is one of the major ports of the country.

ORIENTATION : Kolkata in the Ganges delta is located in the eastern part of India at 22°82’N latitude and 88°20’E longitude. The Sundarbans delta which is located at a distance of 154 km to the south of Kolkata separates the city from the Bay of Bengal.

HISTORY : Kolkata was founded more than 300 years ago out of 3 villages namely Sutanuti, Gobindpur and Kolikata.After London; Kolkata was the British empires second city of pride. Once the capital of the British India, the capital of undivided Bengal and the capital of West Bengal since independence.Kolkata retains the aura of days long gone weaving the glorious past, the fascinating present and integrating a mix up of Indian and colonial heritages.