Kollam popularly known as Quilon is situated at a distance of about 72 km away from Thiruvananthapuram.Kollam houses one of the oldest ports of the Malabar Coast and is known as the gateway to Kerala.Kollam once the centre of international spice trade also now leads the country in cashew trading and processing industry. Apart form this the city is also highlighted by being the leading center for fishing in Kerala.Sasthamcotta one of the largest fresh water lake in Kerala is situated in Kollam.Atleast 1/3rd of the city is covered by the renowned Ashtamudi Lake which paves way for the magnificent backwaters of Kerala.Adding to the features of Kollam there are also many other historic remnants along with temples built in traditional style. The name Kollam is derived from a Sanskrit word Kollam which means pepper.Kollam is a quite interesting place which should be visited for it is a blend of abundantly supplied nature, glorious heritage and various culture.

HISTORY : Kollam is also known by different names like Desinganadu and Quilon.Even from the period of Phoenicians and Romans, Kollam was held in a very good commercial estimation. There was a very good rapport between Kollam and China regarding trade which even exchanged embassies and this is inturn led to lot of Chinese settlement in Kollam.Kollam was considered as one of the five main ports dealing in Chinese trade by Ibn Batuta.In 1502 the first trading centre was established in Kollam by the POrtugese.The Portuguese were followed by the Dutch and then the British in 1795.As a prosecution of a treaty between Travancore and the British there was British troop stationed in a fortified place in Kollam.Kollam became very active during the rule of Velu Thampi Dalawa of Travancore for number of bazaars were built and traders from different parts of the country came here and settled. In the year 1835 Kollam became one of the headquarters of Travancore.In the year 1949 when Travancore and Cochin were desegregated, Kollam was one of the three revenue divisions in the state which soon got the status of a district.

LOCATION : The geographical coordinates for Kollam are 9.28’45° N 76.28’0° E.The district is bound on the north by Alappuzha district, north east by the Pathanamthitta district, east by Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, south by Thiruvananthapuram district and on the west by the Arabian Sea.