Kerala, the god’s own country is very reputed for its backwaters which are especially a chain of saltish lagoons and lakes. The people of Kerala call it as Kayals in their local language. These backwaters of Kerala lie exactly parallel to the Malabar Coast. The Verbena Lake which has the magnetic power to enthrall the people with its accommodation of the Kumarakom backwaters.Kumarakom is actually a cluster of islands on the Vembanad Lake. Only if you make a tour to Kumarakom you will know the vital role played by the Vembanad Lake in these parts of the Kerala backwaters. Though the path to these islands looks quite intricate with thickets of mangroves, coconut palms and rich paddy fields, they are actually well organized network of small streams and canals. Apart from this Kumarakom is also of interests to the ornithologists for this part of backwater section boasts of a bird sanctuary. This fascinating waterworld also exhibits a rich flora and fauna and is marked as one of the important Aqua Tourism destination. It is rich in marine life especially the exclusive kumarakom karimeen or pearl spotted fish, konju or tiger prawns, njandu or crabs, chemmeen or prawns and many more. The other major attraction of Kumarakom is the local houseboats known as Kettuvalloms along with thatched roofed cargo boats. You can spend your day in activities like canoeing, dingy sailing, catamaran riding and much more. As you are relaxing in the houseboats can also enjoy the rural sights, the abundant marine life, boat cruises and angling tours with the services and privileges offered by the innumerable tour operators and travel agencies in Kerala.There are also ample of luxury and budget resorts with associated units of ayurvedic massage,yoga,meditation and swimming. The local spring season emerges from August and coincides with the harvest festival of Onam when locals enjoy in festivities and tourism blooms.
LOCATION: Kumarakom is situated at a distance of about 16 km from Kottayam town. It coordinates between 9°350N 76°260E.