Mandore is 9kms from Jodhpur and was the former capital of Mewar. This tiny town has rocky caves and cenotaphs of the Rathore rulers which are the main attractions here. Sixteen deities are carved out of the rock face that is vividly presented in a place adjacent to a temple within the complex. The neatly landscaped gardens are crowded with an array of birds and small animals. The lavish flora set against the rippling fountains, present a truly scenic sight. There are also memorials of the Jodhpur rulers in the garden making it more appealing to everyone.
Sightseeing Places in Mandore Hall Of Heroes The grand Hall of Heroes is a wall made out of a rock; it has sculpted figures depicting scenes from the lives of Marwar Maharajas. With bright vibrant paint and high altitude it is a capturing structure. Around sixteen gigantic figures of the local heroes have been exquisitely carved out from a single piece of rock and cenotaphs of the former Maharajas of Jodhpur.
Mandore Garden Mandore is known for its exquisite gardens that offer splendid picnic spot. Attracting tourists and locals, the Mandore Garden has beautiful high rock terraces and fountains which make it unique. The greenery and colourful flora gives freshness and relaxation to all.
Memorials of Maharaja Jaswant Singh and Ajit Singh Mandore was the only place where the rulers of Rathore dynasty were cremated. The royal memorials of Maharaja Jaswant Singh and Maharaja Ajit Singh who was cremated along with his six queens and 58 concubines are main tourist sites in Mandore. There are multitudes of memorial “chhatris” and temples both Hindu and Jain also located there.