Mangalore gets its name from the presiding deity of the town, Mangaladevi, the goddess of fortune. Mangalore is one of the important ports in the state of Karnataka situated close to the backwaters of the Netravati and Gurpur rivers. Mangalore being one of the major commercial centres in this area is known for the cultivation of coffee and cashew nuts and are into other industries like Beedi’s, Tiles and fishing. They also export coffee and cashew nuts to other countries.Managalore are known for its scenic beauty where the entire city is fenced with coconut palms, hills and streams. Mangalore was referred by different names during different periods like it was called ‘Managalapuram’ in 715 AD by a Pandya King, while in the 11th century an Arabian traveler called it ‘Manjarur’.However today t is known by the name Mangalooru which was recently declared by the government of Karnataka. The temples and the beeches in Mangalore draw a lot of tourist attention.
HISTORY :  There are mentions about the city of Mangalore as Mandegora in the books written by Ptolemy and Pliny.There are records which says that Mangalore was rewarded to Parashurama by Samudraja.Also it is believed that the Sahayadri mountains in Mangalore is an important place where great sages like ysa, Vashista,Kanva, Vishwamitra, etc, had spent their days meditating. Till the end of the 14th century Mangalore and its adjoining territory where under the control of the Alpa Dynasty. There are records for Mangalore as one of the major trading center from notes made by Ibn Batuta.Mangalore was also under the reign of the Odeya Kings where King Mangaras Odeya was one of the governor.Besides him Deeva Raaja Odeya is also said to have ruled Mangalore in 1429.Mangalore was under the control of Portuguese in 1520 and then followed by the Arabs in 1695.From the Arabs Hyder Ali captured Mangalore only to loose again to British and finally it became a part of the Karnataka state.
LOCATION: Mangalore on the west coast of India in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. It coordinates at 12.87°N 74.88°E.