Mumbai,the “Gateway of India” is one of the most important cities of the world.Mumbai,today is vital,alive and in more ways,than one a part of the main land.Situated on the western coast of India,Mumbai is Indias financial hub and an active port where ships from all over the world dock.The city is a rich mixture of diverse cultures,religions and people.A cosmopolitan megapolis that houses varied cultures,traditions,cuisines etc.
ORIENTATION : Mumbai is located on the Salsette Island, Mumbai is mostly as Sea level with average elevation ranging from 10 to 15 meters.The city is situated between 18° 96′ north latitude and 72° 81′ east longitude.
HISTORY : The early inhabitants of Mumbai was were Kolis or fishermen.In the historic time Mumbai formed a part of the Maurayan empire.Subsequently it came to be ruled by Silahares.During the mughal rule it was acceed to Portugal by Bahadurshah,the then Sultan of Gujarat.In 1661 King Charles-II of England married princess Catherine de Barganza of Portugal and island of Mumbai was given in dowry to King Charles-II.Thus Mumbai came in possession of the British.After India’s independence Mumbai slowly rose to an economic power and today it is the most outsatnding city in India