Mysore today,is a pleasant city with a old world charm,contributed by its broad shady avenues,well laid out gardens,fine buildings and a salubrious climate.Mysore city is 140kms away from Bangalore is a city of palaces,gardens,shady avenues and sacred temples and retains some of the charm of the old world with its many institutions that propagate Carnatic Classical music and dance.Mysore district is a popular tourist destinations, offering several attractions ranging from the royal splendour of Mysore city and its fabulous Dussehra festival to exquisite temples, pilgrimage centres and scenic spots.
ORIENTATION :  Situated in the southern part of the Deccan Plateau,Mysore district is an undulating tableland, covered in parts by granite outcrops and fringed by verdant forests.Mysore is located in the South Indian state of Karnataka around 140 km from Bangalore. The city extends from latitude 12°18′ in the North to longitude 76°42′ in the East.
HISTORY : Mysore was the political capital of the Wodeyar dynasty, which ruled the state of Karnataka for some 150 years till the independence of the country from the British. These Kings were great patrons of art and culture and Mysore was the cultural capital of south under the rule of the Wodeyars.The Wodeyars made the dussehra festival an event to showcause the rich culture and heritage of the town.