The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is named after the tributary Netravali or Neturli of the Zuari river which is an important source of fresh water in this area. The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is situated towards the eastern Goa at a distance of about 75kms from the capital Panaji and is one of the major attractions for nature-enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. This sanctuary sprawls over an area of about 211.05 sq. km area and along with the Madei Wildlife Sanctuary it covers a total area of about 420 sq. km.It falls in between the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary to its north and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary to its south. The flora of this area is dominated by moist-deciduous forest interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen trees. The main feature of the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is its fauna which lists black panthers, king cobras, giant squirrels, Great Pied Hornbills and slender Loris. Only recently Netravali was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the government of Goa.The tourism department of Goa also takes care of the forest rest house along with food. Thus it is an ideal place to spot creatures of the wild in their natural habitat. The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is also surrounded by high range of mountains which is considered as religiously very important by the local habitants.