The Pench National Park is situated in the north-western state of Maharashtra in India, and is located at a distance of 70 kilometers from the city of Nagpur. The Pench National Park spreads over a vast area of 275 square kilometers, and the park stretches out into the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh. The flora of the Pench National Park in Maharashtra is typical of the southern tropical deciduous forest. The best time to visit the Pench National Park is between the month s of February and April. The wildlife park is very popular for its deer and leopards. The Pench National Park is open for the tourists from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Pench wildlife sanctuary can be easily accessible by rail and road. The nearest rail station is at Ramtek and the tourists can board a bus for the next 35 kilometers to reach the park.
About Pench National Park: The Pench National Park in Maharashtra is positioned at the bottom of the Satpura Ranges and beside the vast turquoise stretch of the Pench River. The region of the park in Pench falls under the tiger project implemented by the Government. The principal target of the setting up the tiger project in the Pench National Park is to guarantee a safe breeding ground for the tigers in order to provide them with a chance to breed and increase in number quietly. Due to the decline in number of the predatory animals in the Pench National Park, the ecological balance of the nature needed to be maintained. The area of the Pench National Park is 758 square kilometers, and the dry deciduous tropical teak and the moist deciduous forest are effective enough to provide shelter to all the creatures living in it. The forest is also suitable enough to take care against the entry of the poachers. In the Pench Tiger Reserve, during the summer months even if the pools dry up, there is enough supply for the wild animals living here to survive properly as well as increase in number. In the Pench National Park there are 250 various species of birds, 55 young tigers, and 39 species of other animals. IndianHoliday offers essential online information about Pench Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra. To book a tour to Maharashtra, please fill up the form given.