The inherent ambience of Pondy, as Pondicherry is fondly called, becomes most evident in the oldest part of the town, which flanks the seashore boulevard. Colonial buildings, some which trace back to the 18th century, line along a grid of straight clean streets and house that French institutions, private homes and business centre and of course the sprawling building of the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram. But Pondu has its own special attraction to offer. It is a perfect base to explore the rich destinations around it.
HISTORY : Pondicherry is a former French Colony which was settled in the 18th century.The Union Territory of Pondicherry consists of four areas: Pondicherry, Mahe, Karaikal and Yanam. According to history Pondicherry was the capital of French before Independence. Also there are evidences for a Roman settlement here nearly 2,000 years ago.Pondicherry has also witnessed lot of battle between the British and the French. It was finally ceded to the Indian federation in 1962, after a long movement that demanded union with India. The main settlement of Pondicherry is situated on the Bay of Bengal, 197 kms South-east of Chennai. Karaikal is in Thanjavur, Mahe is a pocket in Kerala and Yanam is in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Pondicherry is well known as the seat of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The present name comes form “Pudu cherri” or “New Village”, but its ancient name was Vedapuri suggesting that the place was meant for Vedic learning. Though the French have left its territory it still has the French -connection flavor in its life. Pondicherry has one of the finest beach promenades in the country. The city presents an unusual combination of European culture and Indian traditions. French style buildings, parks, Ashram atmosphere in the Auroville region and a handful of good hotels make it a pleasant tourist destination.
LOCATION :  Pondicherry is situated at a distance of about 160 kms south of Chennai on the Coromandel coast.Pondicherry is surrounded by Bay of Bengal on East, and on the other sides are the South Arcot District of Tamilnadu.