Ranchi is situated 676 metre above sea level.Ranchi is the capital of the state Jharkhand.It is situated about 338 kms far from Patna,the capital of Bihar.Ranchi is known as the “city of waterfall” due to plenty of waterfalls.Ranchi is full of waterfalls, hills, and lush green valleys. With a pleasant weather and beautiful historical monuments Ranchi becomes one of the interesting tourist destination during the summer for not only the people of Bihar but from other state also.Ranchi is also noted for its rich mineral deposits and mining industries.
ORIENTATION It is located in the Chhotanagpur valley and the city lies at 23°23’ N Latitude and Longitude of 85°23’ E. located at a height of 2140 ft above the sea level.
HISTORY Ranchi even before it got its name was a part of old Lohardaga district of the British India. Then around 1831 a portion of it had a split and was coined as Non-regulation South-West Frontier. It was only in the year 1899 Ranchi got its name for a small tribal village named Ranchi was clubed with the existing place. With the expansion of the Mughal Empire, the sovereign status of the Nag Dynasty was technically affected, but they continued to rule and administer independently until the advent of the East India Company. During the period of the British Raj,adivasis and the local population of other ethnic backgrounds of Ranchi and other regions currently comprising the State of Jharkhand continued to oppose the subjugation by the British, and the region witnessed a number of uprisings and revolts.