Rourkela is one of the beautiful and the second largest city of odisha which was brought into light only in 1955 after the onset of steel plants.Rourkela tops the list of holding the name of housing the modern and the largest steel plants of India. It works on an Indo-German based collaboration and is owned by the Steel Authority of India. This place is very famous for education for it imparts the best in the field of technology with institutes like National Institute of Technology (NIT).Another important feature of this city is its hundred percent literacy rate. Though the name Rorkela means “our village”, the place has travelled miles away from the impression of village.
ORIENTATION Rourkela is located at 84.54E longitude and 22.12N latitude in Sundergarh district of odisha at an elevation of about 219 meters above mean sea level.
HISTORY History states that Rourkela was initially occupied by a tribal community called “Raulia” from whom the village got its name. It was only in 1931 after the declaration of a small area as an urban town Rourkela started picking up its status with a primary school, an office of the forester, a sub-post office, some tea stalls and restaurants. Gradually a train line was connected to Birmitrapur and Rourkela could avail a status of a junction and the number of railway employees also started increasing. After this slowly different companies from different parts of the country started involving themselves in the constructing the steel plant.