Sohna hills is about 50kms from Delhi on Delhi-Alwar Highway, is the health and holiday resort Sohna,atop Sohna hill.Sohna in Hindi means gold; in the past, gold used to be collected from the sands of the streams around the town. From the hill top you can have a panoramic view of the vast green fields, and the rugged countryside around. A delightful motel perched on the edge of the hills, with its luxuriously furnished rooms and exclusive balconies overlook the town. And the Barbet huts, artistically designed and tastefully furnished with all facilities under one roof constitute a heavenly set up for the tourists.
ORIENTATION : Sohna hills is perched high on the Aravalli ridges and overlooks the stunning backdrop of the sylvan Damdama Lake.
HISTORY :  There is nothing much the history of this place but Sohna literally means `gold’ in Hindi. The charming holiday resort Sohna is known as `Sona’ because once, gold dust was collected from the sands of streams flowing around it.