Srinagar is a resort for the tourists who can experience the beauty of the valley that has attached the Chinese, the Mughals and the British to it.Srinagar is located in the heart of the Kashmir Valley at an altitude of 1,730m above sea level, spread on both sides of river Jhelum.Its waterways with their own quaint lifestyle, the unique houseboat, the blossoming gardens, water sports activities, shopping for lovingly handcrafted souvenirs and the nearby resorts make it a cherished spot among those looking for a memorable holiday. It is the largest city in India without a Hindu majority.
ORIENTATION :  The city is located on both the sides of the Jhelum River, which is called Vyath in Kashmir.It coordinates at 34°5N 74°4E.
HISTORY : This more than 200 years old capital of the valley was founded by Ashoka the Great belonging to the 3rd century BC.The original city of Srinagar was called as Srinagari. The present city was built by Pravarsena II adjoining the old city.Srinagar literally means the City of Lakshmi,the Goddess of wealth. The treaty, inter alia, provided British de-facto suzerainty over the Kashmir Valley, and installed Gulab Singh as an independent and sovereign ruler of the region. Srinagar became part of his kingdom, and remained until 1947 as one of the several princely states of undivided India.