Ever thought of spending a whole day in the midst of mudclad crocodiles, hopping Cheetahs and majestic royal Bengals, for which Sunderbans is the idle location. Situated on the largest delta in the world, is the largest national park in India, the name of which means ‘The Beautiful Jungle’. And the world knows it by the name ‘Sunderbans’.This fertile delta is constituted by the rivers Ganges,Brahmaputra and Meghna.It is noted for the largest tiger reserve in India. In the year 1997 it was awarded by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.Sunderbans evokes the feeling of animal lover in you. Where after a close encounter with the wild you can spend the adventurous night in the launch under the shooting stars. The other major credit of Sunderbans is that it is the world’s largest delta covered by mangrove forest and vast saline mud flats.
HISTORY The Sunderban region has got its name from Sundari trees, once found in abundance here. It is a land of 54 tiny islands, crisscrossed by innumerable tributaries of Ganga, is now abode of varied flora and fauna population. The vast swampy delta of the two great Indian rivers, Brahamaputra and the Ganges extends over areas comprising of mangrove forests, swamps and forest island all interwoven in a network of small rivers and streams. It is the home of Royal Bengal tiger.