One of the oldest cities of Gujarat, Surat has been a flourishing centre of international trade since the 14th century.Believed to have been founded by a Brahmin named Gopi who rose to rank of Prime Minister under the Sultanate of Gujarat, the arc shaped city is strategically situated on the southern bank of river Tapti about 20kms.from the Arabian sea.Surat was the chief port of the Mughal empire,wjosw mint was located here.Surat is a major industrial city with many textile mills. Besides, Surat is also an important diamond-cutting centre in India. Situated in Valsad district, Surat is a home to leopards, tigers, panthers and wild boars. Today, Surat has become a major business city famous for its textile industry.
ORIENTATION : The city extends from latitude 21°15′ in the North to longitude 72°52′ in the East and is located on the bank of river Tapti.
HISTORY : Surat a major centre for its textile industry has its mention even in the Mahabharata. Politically in 610 AD it was under the control of the Western Chalukyas until it was captured in 12th century by a general of Qutub-ud-din Aibak.The city started to glow with prosperity only after the parsis.After a long battle in the year 1573 Akbar captured this place and soon it became a centre for trading for the Arabians especially. Slowly one by one starting with the British in 1612 followed by the Dutch and French had their trading factory in Surat.Thus in 1852, Surat became the first municipality of Gujarat and gradually it became a major business city famous for its textile industry.