Tezpur one of the oldest inhabited town in the state of Assam was originally referred by the name Sonitpur.However now it is the Headquarters of Sonitpur District, in Assam. Along with its majestic blue hills, flourishing green valleys, lavishing tea gardens and the breathtaking snow covered peaks of The Mighty Himalayas, it is also the cultural capital of Assam. With ample potential in the field of nature, tea, climate and culture it became favourite amongst the British. It is one of the most developed cities in Assam with its University and educational institutions.
ORIENTATION :  The location of Tezpur air base bears great significance as it lies strategically surrounded by China, Bhutan, Tibet [ Images ], Myanmar and Bangladesh on each side
HISTORY  : Tezpur means town of blood. The history behind this name is that when Tezpur was ruled by Bana Raja,his daughter Usha and Anirudha grandson of Lord Krishna, fell in love with each other. When this came to the Kings notice he sternly objected this and he isolated Usha in a place called Agnigarh.But when Anirudha tried taking away Usha there was a war between Lord Krishna and Bana raja leadind to a major bloodshed with loss of lot of lives.Study from the history also says that the vicinity of the town has historical ruins of the 8th-9th century like Bamuni Hills.The ruins of Da Parbatia is a shining example of the architecture around the 4th Century AD. Modern Tezpur was founded by the British colonial administration in 1835 as the headquarters of Darrang district