Thrissur situated on top of a hillock is a prosperous town noted for its old palaces, fort, temples and the famous Pooram festival. The actual meaning of the name Thrissur is the ‘town with the name of Lord Siva’. This renowned town is also considered as the cultural capital of Kerala.Another highlight of Thrissur is the Pooram festival which is one of the biggest festivals of Kerala.Various factors which attracts lot of tourists every year to Thrissur includes religious and spiritual locations, the natural scenic locations and modern artistically built water theme parks in and around the city. Tourism is one of the main revenue to the city and also acts as the lifeline of the city. The other major attention of tourist to this place is that it houses the Kerala Kala Mandalam, the Kerala Sahitya Academy and Kerala Nataka Academy. The second largest Police Academy in India is the Kerala Police Academy and is situated in Thrissur.
HISTORY :  Thrissur was an important centre of Sanskrit learning during the supremacy of Brahminism after the decline of Buddhism and Jainism.Advaita was taught in Thrissur by Sankara Acharya who during his later period of life settled and died in this place. After Sankara Acharya’s period his disciples Hastamalaka, Thotaka, Padmapada and Sudhachara built four Madoms in the city. It was during the period of Raja Rama Varma in 1790; Thrissur gained its glory and reached to a state of what we can see now. It was also declared as the capital of the Kochi kingdom for a very short period. The Shaktan Thampuran palace is taken under the Archeological Survey of India and is been renovated. Similarly the place around the Vadakkumnatha temple was earlier called as Thekkinkadu with full of teak plantations. But now it is converted into a cultural and commercial hub of Kerala.
LOCATION : Thrissur on the south is bounded by Eranakulam and Idukki, Palakkad in the East, Mallapuram in the North and to its West is the Arabian Sea.Thrissur is situated in south western India 10.52° N 76.21° E and is in the central part of Kerala state, India..