Quietly nestled in the lush greenery of hills, verdant valleys and transparent waterscape, Tripura, a land of plentiful myths and legends, beckon tourists from across the globe. This state, home to nineteen indigenous tribal groups, Bengali speaking non-tribals and a diversity of culture, resembles a tiny dot on the peninsular India’s map dangling between Northeast India and Bangladesh. But the wealth of Tripura’s traditional art, culture, history and archaeology, flora and fauna, biodiversity and flushing meadows always cast a magnetic spell on casual visitors and tourists. The state’s rich handicrafts, traditional music, diversity of cultural streams and faiths, co-existing down the annals of history in pristine peace constitute its irresistible charm as a tourist destination. Any visitor or tourist in Tripura can trace the state’s glorious history in its archaeological remains, cultural heritage, exquisite sculpture and architecture spread across its landscape and return, richer by a finer aesthetic sense and sensibility.