The “city of lakes” is perhaps the most romantic and beautiful cities of India. In contrast to its neighborhood it stands out with an enchanting image of white marble palaces, placid blue lakes, gardens and temples surrounded by hills and mountains. It was founded by Maharana Udai Singh in 1559 A.D.on the shores of lake Pichola.The most striking landmarks of the city are the City Palace and the Lake Palace.Udaipur is the most colorful city in Rajasthan. Festivals and celebration, music and dance punctuate its barrenness.Udaipur, not only the city is lovely and full of tourist places, city around also offers some of worth visiting places in vicinity.
ORIENTATION  :Udaipur is a part of royal Indian state of Rajasthan, extending from latitude 27°42′ in the North to longitude 75°33′ in the North.
HISTORY :  History dates back to Maharana Udai Singh whoc was the Sisodia ruler of Mewar and it was he founded the city of Udaipur.But soon they were facing trouble from the Mughal invaders who were trying to take them antagonistic and to send them out of India. The Sisodias did not wanted to become a subservient to the Mughals nor did they wanted to make any alliances to fight with the Mughals.The war started when Babar wanted to defeat Rana Sanga of Mewar and make himself firm in India.But however it came to an end when Akbar defeated the Sisodias and Chittorgarh was destroyed by force to shift their capital to Udaipur, and remained the headquarters of Mewar till Indian independence.