Vaishali is about 55kms.north of Patna by road across the Ganaga.This place is supposed to be the oldest republic of the world, the Lichchvis.Vaishali is the birth place of Lord Mahavira,the most prominent Jain Tirthankar.He was born here in 527 B.C.Lord Buddha preached his last sermon here and Emperor Ashoka erected a Lion Column to commemorate the occasion. It is a small village in the state of Bihar which is still a very famous Buddhist pilgrimage in India.Vaishali literally means prosperity and is so apt for this village for it revealed a rich cultural and historical legacy from the excavation done in this area.
HISTORY :  According to history,Viashali believed to got its name from King Vishal who belonged to the period of Mahabharat.During the 6th century BC,Vaishali was ruled by the Lichchavi clan. The another main feature of Lichchavi state is that it is considered to be the first republican state of Asia and it also takes the credit of being ruled by 7707 kings of the Lichchavi clan.Ajatshatru, the great Magadh King, annexed Vaishali in the fifth century BC and after that Vaishali gradually lost its glory and power. The reign of the Lichchavi empire was extended up to the hills of Nepal. This place has a ruined fort which was built by the King; Vishal.Vishal is a famous pilgrimage sport for it was here Lord Mahavira was born. The feature which adds up to the history of this place is that it was in Vishali Lord Buddha delivered his last sermon at Vaishali and declared his Nirvana and also the second Buddhist council was held in Vishali.
LOCATION VAISHALI-LOCATION \ Vaishali in the state of Bihar extends from latitude 25° in the North to longitude 85° in the East.