Varanasi’s prominence in Hindu mythology is virtually unrivalled. The revered and ancient city Varanasi is the religious centre of the world of Hindus. This is one of the oldest living cities in the world. Many still use the anglicized forms of Banaras or Benares, while pilgrims to it Kashi.The city of Varnasi is situated on the west bank of the holiest of all Indian rivers, the Ganga or Ganges. The relationship between the sacred river is the essence of Varanasi – the and of sacred light. The Gnaga is believed to have flown from heaven to wash away the worldly sins of the human race of mortals. The life and activities in the city revolves around the holy river.
ORIENTATION :  Varanasi is located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and extends latitude 25°20′ N and longitude 83°00′ E. Sandwiched between the rivers Varuna and Ashi as they join the Ganges.
HISTORY  : The ancient most cities like Nineveh, Babylon and Thebes are now part of the history only but Varanasi is still exsisting, full of verve and life. It was here in Sarnath that Lord Buddha first enlightened the people with its divine teachings more than 25,000 years back. After this Varanasi became a great Hindu center, but was looted a number of times by Muslim invaders from the 11th century on. Although the foreign invaders looted this city repeatedly and read monuments and shrines to the ground, many old monuments still attract the tourists.Varanasi probably derives its name from the two rivers that flank the city, the Varanasi to the North and the Asi to the South.