Situated on the banks of river Krishna Vijayawada is an important junction and link between North and South. The 4014 feet Prakasam Barrage across the river has created a lake and its three irrigational canals flowing through the city add beauty to it. This place was formerly referred as Benzawada.There is number of tourist?s spots having religious, archeological and historical importance. Most of the cottages villages around have developed cottage industries in specialized items like toy making, cotton weaving, fabric painting, gold covering and fruit processing.
ORIENTATION : Vijayawada about 257-km from Hyderabad and is located on the banks of the Krishna River, and is bounded by the Indrakiladri hills on the West and the Budameru River on the North.
HISTORY : Puranic stories of Vijayawada narrates that the department of archeology discovered pre-historic remains belonging to the stone-age man all along the banks? of the river from Machilipatnam to Nagarjuna Sagar thus prooving the life of stone age man in the river valleys of Vijayawada.”The Place of Victory” which is the literal meaning of Vijayawada has a legend behind its name. It is believed that Vijayawada was established by Arjuna around the Malleswara temple and Indrakiladri hills in commemoration of Lord Shiva?s Darsan he had. Also from history we get to know that this region was ruled by the Chalukyas of Kalyan and the great king Krishna Deva Raya for a very long period influencing the cutlure and society of the city. There are records showing which says that Vijayawada was also visited by foreign travellers like Hu-yan-Tsang.