Yercaud otherwise known as the ‘Ooty of the poor’ is situated in Tamil Nadu in Salem town amidst the greenery of Shervaoyan Hills.Yercaud got its name from combination of two Tamil words ‘yer’ and kaddu which respectively mean lake and forest. So if you want to stay away from the bustling noise of the town and the busy city life, you can take off to this beautiful hill station.Yercaud apart from its beautiful landscapes it is also spaced with some plantations like Coffee, cardamom and black pepper. Some people believe that these hills were part of the ancient megalith-builders’ domain which stretched from Cornwall through Brittany and Iberia to India.
ORIENTATION Yercaud about 33kms away from a town called Salem lies in the Shervaoyan Hills situated in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
HISTORY It was only after cultivation of coffee here in this area, slowly the place started to develop as a hill station. The cultivation of coffee here in Yercaud was promoted by a Scottish Collector of Salem named David Cockburn. The Grange, his old home which still stands, was fortified and equipped with ramparts and cannons, to act as a sanctuary for the European community here, in the event of another uprising after the Indian Mutiny. Slowly after this the place started in picking up of other resources