Bidar Fort is situated in North Karnataka in Bidar district of the northern plateau of Karanataka State. The imposing fort of Bidar is a magnificent fort, the main gateway of which was originally built by Bahamani Sultan Ahmad Shah Wali in 1429 AD. Further improvements to the citadel were carried out by the Barid Shahi Sultans. Ahmad Shah Wali (1422 – 35) the ninth Bahamani Sultan decided to shift his capital from Gulbarga to Bidar for reasons of health. In the medieval times Bidar belonged to the Chalukyan branch who established their capital in 977 A.D. at Kalyani, 57 kms away. Falling to the Yadavas of Devagiri (Daulatabad) and to the Kakatiyas of Warangal in 1322 A.D., Bidar fully rose to prominence under the sultanate. Palaces, pavilions and seraglios; lush gardens, decorated fountains and perfumed baths have all the trappings of an Arabian Nights fantasy when Bidar was ruled by the Bahamanis and the Barid Shahi Sultans of the Deccan. Sprawled on a plateau 2, 200 feet above sea level and overlooking the Manjira River Valley, cool and exhilarating Bidar was most certainly a part of ancient Vidharba mentioned in the Mahabharata. The fort is surrounded by three miles of walls with 37 bastions, most of them surmounted with cannons. This fort was a source of irritation to the Mughal rulers of Delhi, and was finally conquered by Aurangazeb. The fort now lies in ruins. The best way to visit Bidar Fort is to take a roundtrip beginning from the historic city of Hyderabad and to Gulbarga- Bidar- Hospet- Badami- Belgaum- Goa or from Hospet proceed to Hassan- Mysore and end the tour at Bangalore.