Orchha a small village an route Gwalior – Khajuraho was founded in 16th century by the Bundela Rajput rulers. The Bundelas were fierce Rajput rulers who occupied the hidden city of Orchha. In fact the word Orchha means “Hidden”. The Bundelkhand style of architecture was at its peak during the era giving birth to fairytale-like palaces and temples. Orchha is known for its chhatris (cenotaphs) designed in the memory of late rulers and noblemen.
Unlike other cenotaphs, which are in the form of temples, the one in Orchhha is an exception. There are fifteen cenotaphs of the Bundela rulers and members of their family standing proudly on the southern bank of the Betwa river. The chhatris rise on a square platform with the sanctum having a similar shape. The sanctum holds the ashes of the cremated princes and princesses. As you enter you the first chhatri greets you with a marble statue of Madhukar Shah and his wife. As you stroll down to the far end, by the riverside, you would witness the square chattri dedicated to Bir Singh Deo.
One could take a raft down the Betwa river to get a better view at the Chattris (Cenotaphs).
The nearest Airport is at Gwalior (140 kms) which is connected by daily flights with Delhi and other major India Cities. Jhansi 18 kms is the nearest railway station.