Gagron Fort is suspended on a summit at the amalgamation of Kali Sindh & Ahu Rivers. The River Water surrounds the glorious Gagron Fort on all the 3 sides. Gagron Fort is suspended on a low crest at the convergence of 3 rivers Ahu, Kali and Sindh. In addition, there is a profound conduit on the 4th side of Gagron fort. Gagron is one of the exceptional forts which are bordered and secluded by wooded area and water. The Mukundara mountain ranges are positioned at the rear of Gagron fort. A valley near Gagron fort is encircled by woodland that reverberates with screeches of parrots and peacocks. Inside the Gagron fort, one can find a tiny temple with deities of Shiva, Ganesh and Durga. A Dargah or Mosque of Sufi Saint Mittheshah can be found outside the fort. Every year, a grand fair is conducted here during the eve of Moharram. Saint Bhagat Pipa Ji monastery is situated on the point of Gagron Fort. Gagron is a region which has been sanctified by the terrific bravery of Khinchi emperors and the optimum forfeit of Royal Rajput women. A long time ago, Gagron was a swarming conurbation in medieval India. This place was the supreme city in the areas of Malwa whilst famous cities such as Bundi, Kota and Jhalawar were still budding to become visible as primary states on the sizable map of the nation.