Rajasthan is so over exposed doesn’t take away from the grandeur of its forts, palaces and temples. But if one wants a day off the tourist track, visit the quite little Mandore, less than 10 km from Jodhpur.
Mandore is an ancient town, and was the seat of the maharajas of Marwar before they moved their base to more secure Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. Elaborate cenotaphs in the Mandore garden is a must- visit on the Jodhpur circuit. Not far from the cenotaphs are the beautifully painted’ hall of heroes‘- which celebrates Mandore’s deities and heroes- and the ‘shrine of the three hundred million gods’. A short walk up the hill near here takes one to the old Mandore fort and a large temple inside it. The now ruined Mandore fort, with its thick walls and substantial size, was built in several stages and was once a fine piece of architecture. A huge, now ruined temple is a highlight of the fort. The outer wall of the temple depicts finely carved botanical designs, birds, animals and planets.