Last week we introduced you to one of Gujarat’s prime city – Ahmedabad, promising to bring you more about its ancient architectural marvels that are truly worth seeing. The Swaying Minarets or Jhulta Minar as known locally is once such monument. A classic example of superb craftsmanship, Jhulta Minar is actually a part of the mosque Siddi Bashir. The mosque has been constructed in such a manner that, if you apply a little force on its upper arc, the Minar tends to sway.
Each minaret of the mosque has three storeys, girdled by carved stone balconies, balanced and delicate. The style is a complete innovation. The master craftsmen of the period managed to design them in such a way that they respond to vibration is communicated to the other via a stone bridge joining both .The massive earth quake of 2001 had an impact on the monument. There is another set of such minarets near the Railway Station that are taller in height. However, these are not in a very good condition as it is believed that the British had dismantled them to understand the cause of vibrations. They could not resolve the engineering and it was not possible to put them back in their original condition. Demonstrations of the minarets shaking or vibrating are not carried out anymore.
While visiting Minarets one can also check out the Siddir Bashir Mosque. This mosque with its ancient Muslim architecture provides one with an insight into the Indian architectural heritage. The arches and the carved windows are typical of Muslim architectural style and hence worth taking a look.