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Several Types of Tourism

Here in Surya Voyage , We discuses several types of tourism with our guests to know better there test and needs , we also provide mixture of all if they wish for. Some guests don’t know much about types of tourism so here it is well explained so at the time of booking they can discuss with us and we will be ready to offer them with a big smile.

Adventure Tourism

Travel which includes adventures to remote exotic areas testing the endurance of both a person and his equipment to its extreme limit. Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity as travelers seeks different kinds of vacations.

Agro Tourism

Travel undertaken to agricultural areas or to participate in agricultural activities.

Astrological Tourism

Travel which includes meeting with an astrologer to answer your questions regarding marriage, life, love, or astro children. An astro child is a child whose birth is planned according to planetary effects with the help of an astrologer .

Cruise Tourism

Cruise Shipping is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing components of the leisure industry worldwide. A cruise ship/House Boat or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, when the voyage itself, the ship’s amenities, and sometimes the different destinations along the way are part of the experience.

Business leisure Tourism

Travel that combines business and leisure activities.

Cultural Tourism

Travel to learn the history of a site or to immerse oneself in the language, society or culture of a region.

Gastronomy Tourism

Travel to experience the food and wine of a region.

Equestrian tourism

Travel which includes horseback trail riding off the beaten track.

Medical Tourism

Travel to get health checkup, treatments, surgery, spa, ayurvedic massages or consultations with a doctor while traveling.

Volunteer Tourism

Travel which gives the traveler an opportunity to volunteer in a soup kitchen or plant trees to save our planet .

Self Drive Tourism

Travel in which a traveler drives a car, a jeep, a bike or a bicycle himself.

Spiritual Tourism

Visits of spiritual places such as temples, mosques and churches.

Tribal & Village Tourism

Travel to explore and observe rural life, art, culture and a chance to communicate with tribal peoples for an enriching experience.

Wildlife Tourism

Travel to watch wild animals in their natural habitat.

Yoga & Meditation Tourism

Travel to learn and practice yoga and meditation.

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